A little bit about me

My Background


Born in Los Angeles, California and spent many years living with my parents in Michoacán, Mexico.

At the age of 8, my family and I moved to San Diego, California, where I spent most of my young adult life. 

Currently I live in Houston, Texas, where I continue to expand my creativity.

My Style


 Over the years I’ve continued to search for something specific in my works, something intricate that has my name, that one element that connects all my works to each other, but what I only discovered is that there is no limit to my artistic style; I just want to create. I suppose this makes me some kind of painter; with that, I mean I am a raw and diverse.


My Inspiration


The origin of my inspiration comes from my early childhood. At a very young age, I found interest in the local street art of San Diego California where I was highly influenced by the artistic movements of the Chicano community. 

My Message

  I've got something to say and want the world to "see" it.

I live each day to see the beauty in everything ....  
Through my art, I can help add color and texture  to some of world’s most beautiful things. 

With each panting I learn something new. Sometimes I learn more about myself and I strengthen my own courage to show who I really am, and other times, I just learn what colors don't mix well together. 


-Cynthia Evelyn Ochoa


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